Kristian Rautiainen

Ravitsevat ja hienostuneet aamupalani viikon ajan 25.1. - 31.1.

Kristian Rautiainen valokuvauksen opiskelija Stadin ammatti- ja aikuisopistossa. 


25.1.2021 "my heart goes bum bum bum"

26.1.2021 "counting sheep"

27.1.2021 "it's sunday, april 19th and i miss you"

28.1.2021 "you said remembering would feel too much like moving back home"

29.1.2021 "learning to warm cold hands"

30.1.2021 "fighting a losing war"

31.1.2021 "you wanted to look for help, i wanted to sit and wait to be rescued"