Ronja Havurinne

Olen Ronja Havurinne, media-alan opiskelija Stadin ammatti- ja aikuisopistosta. Valokuvien kautta ilmaiseminen on intohimoni, nautin tämän lisäksi myös visuaalisesta suunittelusta ja toteutuksesta.

Tässä projektissa kuvasin arkeani omasta näkökulmastani.


25.1.2021 "You can't get under my skin if i don't let you in"

26.1.2021 "I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed Oh God, it feels like forever"

27.1.2021 "필 땐 장미꽃처럼 흩날릴 땐 벚꽃처럼 질 땐 나팔꽃처럼 아름다운 그 순간처럼 항상 최고가 되고 싶어 그래서 조급했고 늘 초조했어 남들과 비교는 일상이 돼버렸고 무기였던 내 욕심은 되려 날 옥죄고 또 목줄이 됐어 그런데 말야 돌이켜보니 사실은 말야 나 최고가 되고 싶었던 것이 아닌 것만 같아 위로와 감동이 되고 싶었었던 나 그대의 슬픔, 아픔 거둬가고 싶어 나 "

28.1.2021 "Hey ho here she goes Either a little too loud or a little too close There's a hurricane in the back of her throat And she thinks she's made of candy"

29.1.2021 "Sun shines a little bit brighter Moon aims a little bit higher Iced tea's a little bit sweeter That grass a little bit greener That beer's a little bit colder A little warmer when you hold her Slide out that screen door, It's better on a back porch"

30.1.2021 "Something meaty for the main course That's a fine looking high horse What you got in the stable? We've a lot of starving faithful That looks tasty That looks plenty This is hungry work"

31.1.2021 "歪んだ世界にだんだん僕は 透き通って見えなくなって 見つけないで 僕のことを 見つめないで 誰かが描いた世界の中で あなたを傷つけたくはないよ 覚えていて 僕のことを 鮮やかなまま"